The big apple is mine!

This year the holidays were short but so intense. It goes without saying that this city is really magical and the people are so nice. It didn't stop, Oh my god, she is so cute, so adoooorable .. Okay, I'm fine especially if that gave me the right to have the green card! I even tried to go take the exams at NYU University, told myself you never know with a student visa I may have a chance to stay and well no, they do not accept yorkies ! You know what, in NYC everything is […]

My holidays in Morocco

After a long and beautiful year of work, here are the holidays, a well-deserved vacation. My destination, Morocco, and more precisely, Agadir. Agadir is for me synonymous with kindness, rest and especially good food! So I was able to bask by the pool, to be caressed at will all day, Oooh how jouli your dog Madam, what brand is it !? But what do they all have, ok I'm joulie, but I'm Pitsy! The first day I hear the doorbell ringing, thought to myself that maybe as a […]

My weekend in Prague

I had heard of Prague but discovered a magnificent city. The old town square with its astronomical clock, where hundreds of tourists flock with their cameras because you should know that this clock has been one of the city's most precious treasure for 600 years. Well I have been my mother's treasure for 8 years and I saw that the tourists also took pictures of me when I got into the beautiful red car, a real vintage model from the 1920s, that is is from the car! I also did […]

My trip to New York

I don't want to be jaded, I have already traveled a lot, but I never tire of New York. This city is really bewitching, this effervescence, its smells and its little pieces of sausage on the sidewalks, I love it! The people are so nice, they don't stop with their so cute, so tiny, yorkie, but no am not yorkie, am frenchie me madam! Well my english is not perfect but it always seems to be kind words. Taxi drivers never make derogatory remarks, and I am not talking about the police, […]