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26 rue du Petit Musc 75004 Paris

Subways within 5 minutes: Bastille, Sully Morland, Saint Paul.

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From Tuesday to Saturday without interruption from 9:30 am to 7:00 pm.

We are closed on Sundays & Mondays.

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Phone: 01 42 74 07 11 - E-mail: contact@doginthecity.fr

Upon reservation, we can come to your home to pick up your companion.

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3 thoughts on “Nos coordonnées

  1. In Pitsy
    Dog in the city
    From Banjo
    Yorkshire of the mountain

    Hello Pitsy, Dear Friend,
    My mistress is so busy on her mac that I didn't have the opportunity to slip into her place to write to you ... I wanted to tell you that in the mountain where I live (1,004 m above sea level) all my friends, dogs and humans who come to see me, to contemplate me, to look at me, have found me… beautiful and remarkably well-dressed!
    I rode the mechanics a bit and presented my beautiful profile… it's true…
    But it's to your boss and the hairdresser who worked on my little person that I owe my good face ... I don't think I've ever had such a silhouette! Hope it lasts ! My hair should stop growing, what!
    Your mistress's mother-in-law, who is her mother-in-law's daughter-in-law, did a good job of giving her the scented address of rue du Petit-Musc!
    Here in the mountains, it is very cool ... I have already taken long walks in the forest of Risoud ... if you knew the good smells that there are in a forest. For my mistress it is the smell of mushrooms. What a funny idea ! For me, these are the smells of foxes, polecats, shrews… Finally, we do not always have the same pleasures, humans and us…
    Thanks again for the haircut…!
    See you soon, Dear Pitsy
    Sincerely a little bit of truffle
    Dog of the mountain

    My dear Banjo,
    I am really happy that you have had such success. In fact, I spoke to the one who cut your hair and she told me that it was not very complicated because you are already so beautiful naturally! Besides, I find that we are alike you and me!
    When you go to Paris, don't hesitate and come see me… we can even share a small dish of croquettes for two. For rue du Petit-Musc, I don't think it's about perfumes. It seems that the name of the street comes from "Pute y Muse", it is written on the internet that I frequent, whenever possible.

    See you soon, my dear Banjo,
    My waf waf go to you!
    Dog in the city

    Do you know, Dear Pitsy?
    In the evening when humans are sleeping the sleep of the righteous, well! me ! I am studying…
    I looked at the origins of rue du Petit-Musc and it seems to me that you are right! Ladies travelers walked this street on the sidewalks only, so as not to get run over. They were looking for Journeymen ... but to do what? I don't know. These humans are really very curious. We play our truffles when we want to know something. And we walk and in the street and on the sidewalks. Where our truffles lead us!
    I accept with pleasure your invitation to share a bowl of croquettes. I like turkey croquettes… which make me jumpy because turkeys (my vet told us so) are powerful anti-depressants for dogs! So let's not hesitate to eat turkey….
    Tomorrow we are leaving for Vienna in Austria. I hope we will stop on the way because it is rather long this trip.
    As soon as I am far from my mountains, I have small drops in diet. What do you want, there are so many dogs in the cities, in Paris or in Vienna, that I am losing my nose! In the mountains it is not the same thing at all. First there is the great outdoors and then dogs are much rarer!
    Glad to have met you, Dear Pitsy. Paris will become for me much more frequent if I know that you are in the rue du Petit-Musc!
    See you soon,
    A little bit of truffle!
    Dog of the mountain

    Dear Pitsy,
    I haven't heard from you and I'm a little worried. What do you become ? I hope you are doing well and that your mistress gives you everything you want! I am currently in Vienna. What a beautiful city. There are plenty of bins with good smells. And then small dogs are well accepted. Well, not everywhere. I wanted to go to the opera, where my grandfather Feodor was friends with the lighting designer dog. Well ! Imagine that they didn't let me in. I was repressed by an act that I would qualify as segregationist! As if there were only humans who loved opera! I have not said my last word and I will attend, me Banjo, at least one dress rehearsal!
    I came back a little sheepish by the Naschmarkt, an old Viennese market ... the late hour cheered me up a bit ... I was no longer dragging my ears down because there was O Joy! O Bonheur !, small pieces of meat, fish, Viennese cakes of course that the cleaners had not yet put in their bins ... I had a great time ... finally because my mistress was chatting with friends and she didn saw nothing! Sometimes you have to be discreet! She will be surprised this evening at my little appetite and will certainly believe that I am not doing well… in fact I will be in the middle of a digestive phase!
    Give me your news soon and see you very soon.
    Your Banjo, Dog of the Mountain.

    Dear Banjo,
    What a joy it is to finally hear from you. We had a computer failure. My mistress was mad with rage. I tried to squat the computer of one of her friends but it didn't work. I wanted to write to you in pen and on paper, but I didn't have time.
    Don't worry my Dear Banjo. My invitation from rue du Petit Musc still stands and I am waiting for you with a firm footing to share a small bowl of croquettes… with turkey of course.
    Greetings to Vienna in Austria from us. I had cousins who used to live there. It seems that it is the most beautiful city (apart from Paris of course!) In all of Europe! Are there parks only for dogs, donkeys and horses with special permission for cats if they don't have a big back? Do we serve croquettes in City Cafés? Are there comfortable and spacious enough washrooms? I look forward to hearing you in person when you are in Paris.
    See you soon, Dear Banjo.
    With all my affection truffled ...

    A few months later, on a beautiful summer day, little Banjo, a fire-colored Yorkie, drags his four legs on the Quai des Célestins at the end of a leash pulled by an imposing person with a tired face.
    " What warmth ! Banjo thought to himself. If it weren't for the joy of seeing Pitsy again, well I would much prefer to be in my mountains… Obviously my mistress has as much difficulty as I do… Finally 40 °, it's not a temperature for dogs! "
    The door to rue du Petit Musc opens and in the joy of reuniting Dog in the city and Dog of the mountain bark like two little fools!
    Something promised, a bowl awaits Banjo in a corner of the store, near a huge English armchair in which Banjo's mistress slumps. Flirtatious and emotional Pitsy said to Banjo:
    "I have to tell you Banjo, we see we haven't cut your hair for months." I can hardly see your nose! "
    "Maybe he answered her under his breath, but I had a lot of fun in Vienna and then in the forest…"
    Pitsy: "And you are still alive after having frequented the same woods as the wolves ... It seems that in the mountains, packs of wolves devour the sheep and the dogs which guard them ..."
    Banjo: “Let's not exaggerate… I find all the cars that fail to run over us every time we cross the street are just as dangerous. And then the cars, they smell bad, they damage trees and plants ... It is not better! "
    Pitsy: “Some cars respect dogs. Me for example, I am very green. I am for the food chosen, heating with sawdust, textiles, linen, silk and cotton, with Highland wool… It's true the car is a stain on my green convictions. But you see, when my mistress arrives in the car and I am in a pretty and comfortable little basket… it's much more comfortable than traveling on the sidewalks in oppressive heat… ”
    Banjo: “Hmm! Your croquettes are really delicious… You could very well take the metro or the buses… the buses are great, right? In my mountain, there is a small steam train. It runs on Sundays and whole families and their dogs of course travel on this little train. There is the possibility of eating a fondue. "
    Pitsy: "What's that… a fondue… it's a fondue dog box intended to spread on slices of bread or rusks?" Unless it is melted meats or croquettes? "
    Banjo: "No Pitsy, it's melted cheese, humans love it… They melt cheese in white wine… They turn a piece of wood in this mixture and they eat it…"
    Pitsy: “Ugh! And you eat that! "
    Banjo: “Not really because there is too much pepper, kirsch… No. My mistress has a little snack for me. Turkey of course… I like turkey… ”
    Pitsy: “Finally! Banjo Health! A little bit of Château-la-Pompe, good water from Chaudes-Aigues in Auvergne, slightly cooled water so that we can have fun drinking it to accompany the fine croquettes prepared for our reunion… ”

    Thus ends provisionally and for a first chapter the story of Pitsy and Banjo, Yorkies in the city and of the mountain.
    Rochat de la Corne (2015)

  2. Hello Sabrina hello the groomer we wanted to thank you for your welcome with our york ezio you were adorable attentive and very good advice we are also appreciative of the care and grooming that you lavished on our ezio it was his very first despite his age of 1 year and 3 months he came out of your living room all beautiful all clean all proud so again thank you very much and see you next time because it is on we will come back !!!

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