6 tips for choosing the right accessories for your dog in our shop

Boutique accessoires chiens et chats Paris

Do you want your dog to sport a chic and original style? At dog in The City, you've come to the right store! We offer a whole range of clothes, from sweater to coats, down jackets and t-shirts. Also, we offer bowls and chairs to ensure comfort and style to your dog on a daily basis! Here are our 6 tips for choosing your accessory:

1 - Dog clothing depending on the season:

It goes without saying, but it should never be forgotten! Many dog breeds have their winter coat and summer coat. Their temperature is naturally regulated according to their coat, so it is better not to disturb their physiology. A light and clear t-shirt for the summer will be ideal. In winter, a down jacket will effectively protect it from the rain and the cold while allowing it to maintain its normal temperature! This will therefore make a dog accessory chic and useful at the same time.

Our selection: Summer is coming, so we fall for the DITC t-shirt with its light and urban style.

Boutique vetement chien
Our selection: Summer is coming, so we fall for the DITC t-shirt with its light and urban style.

2 - A dog's clothing trimmed to the hair:

Your dog will be happier wearing a garment if it fits perfectly. So take out your sewing box and grab your tape measure. Measure around your pet's chest and the length of their back. Our dog accessories shop tells you the precise size of each garment. If in doubt, try both or take the size above. Better a little loose than too tight!


Vetement pour chien
Our selection: We let ourselves be tempted by the You & Me sweatshirt for its total comfort and lightness. No dog can resist it!


3 - Resistant clothes to walk a dynamic dog:

Are you going for a walk in the countryside and want your companion to keep a chic style without being afraid that he will damage his clothes? We then make the choice of clothing in resistant fabrics like jeans, but design like any other!

Accessoires pour chien paris
Our selection: We choose the denim overalls for its resistance to any test and its design-chic side.


4 - A real sofa for the dog to rest:

Have you noticed how your dog loves to join you on the sofa? U.S. too ! But he tends to leave hairs… everywhere! The solution: We make our dog happy and we offer him a sofa of his own so that he can rest without losing hair all over ours.

Canapé pour chien paris
Our selection: The baroque sofa, sober while being elegant. Its removable cushion provided allows easy and regular maintenance for perfect hygiene.



5 - Choose a design and clean bowl:

What dog has never put water everywhere while quenching his thirst? What master has never walked on a kibble because the dog had overturned his bowl? No more aluminum bowl, choose a bowl with a real base that will prevent splashing and prevent the croquettes from being spilled. For more aesthetics, we turn to a stable, design and easily cleanable bowl.

Accessoire chien paris
Our selection : The bone bowl, easy to maintain, it prevents your dog from spilling his lunch while being stylish and fun thanks to its giant bone shape.


6 - A trip to town? Take a carrying bag!

The transport bag is of course reserved for small and medium dogs… Unless you want to build your arms! For a walk in town, a few errands or for a drink with friends, nothing beats a small carrying bag to take your dog out in style and elegance. Some even have pockets, and it's very convenient because you can even store some items like keys and phones that clutter you up.

boutique accessoire chat paris
Our selection: The padded carry bag to offer maximum comfort to your pooch or tomcat. As it is waterproof. You can therefore go out with your companion, even in the rain without being bothered.


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