The big apple is mine!

This year the holidays were short but so intense.

This city is really magical and the people are so nice.

It didn't stop, Oh my god, she is so cute, so adoooorable .. Okay, I'm fine especially if that gave me the right to have the green card!

I even tried to go take the exams at NYU University, told myself you never know with a student visa I may have a chance to stay and well no, they do not accept yorkies !

You know what, in NYC anything is possible, there are even seats reserved just for us, and in each restaurant they put me a little pillow, what are they cute!

The police are always so nice, I even wonder if I will not apply, well yes if I do a little sport, I will expand and I could become a police dog!

Pitsy dog detective that does not ..!

Between walks in Central Park, Pancakes at Sarabeth's and all these lovely encounters, I really had an extraordinary vacation.

I don't know who coined the expression having a dog's life, because I'm aware that for me life is really good!

IMG_4538 IMG_4459 IMG_4419
IMG_4361 IMG_4344 IMG_3020

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