News from your dog and cat salon in Paris

Your cat and dog salon in Paris:

Welcome to our news category! This will allow you to keep you informed of the latest news from our Paris cat lounge and discover new dog trends. The new cuts made, the news of dogs and cats who regularly come to enjoy a relaxation and beauty break in our grooming salon… All these little news will be communicated to you in our news category of the grooming salon in Paris!

Dog news from your dog salon in Paris:

Your Paris dog show Also informs you of various facts, but also news concerning our favorite canines: dogs. Tips for choosing dog clothing from our dog shop in Paris, astounding dog adventures around the world, masterful prowess in education ... Our dog news category contains a compendium of novelties that are sometimes surprising, sometimes informative, sometimes entertaining.

Your Paris cat salon and cat news:

As with dogs, Dog in the City takes pleasure in communicating the latest cat news to you! Various facts, humor, emotion especially thanks to this traveler in the service of cats, but also culture will be at the rendezvous. The cat news category will give you a lot of information about our domestic felines. As a cat salon in Paris, we are committed to sharing with you all our know-how, our experience and our advice to take care of your little four-legged friend.

Tips and tricks, to know about the dog and the cat:

Want to discover new things about your pet, to benefit from the wise advice of Dog In The City, your dog and cat grooming salon in paris ? Our tips and tricks category allows you to discover our best professional advice! Dog grooming advice and explanations in videos ... Everything is there to stock up on useful daily information, which will allow you to better know and take care of your pet!

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