Cat salon: Our tips for grooming your cat

Dog in the City invites you to come back to this video today: Le bain du chat. It all starts with a few strokes to reassure the cat before the bath time. Next comes the step of clipping the claws. This is as useful for the well-being of the cat as for the safety of the master during the bath, to guard against the strong reactions that the cat may have. We then bath and then dry ...

The big apple is mine!

This year the holidays were short but so intense. It goes without saying that this city is really magical and the people are so nice. It didn't stop, Oh my god, she is so cute, so adoooorable .. Okay, I'm fine especially if that gave me the right to have the green card! I even tried to go take the exams at NYU University, told myself you never know with a student visa I may have a chance to stay and well no, they do not accept yorkies ! You know what, in NYC everything is […]