Shop of accessories for dogs and cats in Paris

Our shop of accessories for dogs and cats in Paris offers many products. Sweater, t-shirt, sweatshirt, coats or down jackets make up our range of dog clothes. Dog In The City, your dog shop Paris and for cats provides you with many clothes and accessories to dress your little four-legged friend as it should. These clothes are chosen to ensure total comfort for your pet and protect it against the cold.

On the one hand, for your dog, it is also an opportunity to strut around by your side, showing his chic and characterized style. In addition to clothing, at Dog in the city, your pet shop Paris, you will find everything for the comfort of your pet: carefully designed bowls and chairs that are out of the ordinary. Your little pet will be satisfied with dog accessories that will later be essential! The clothes and accessories that your little companion will wear on his back will allow you to assert his style while dressing him as you wish. Of course, you can decide whether or not to follow the trends of the moment, but just know that your dog store Paris wants to meet all your needs and makes a point of offering you a whole range of trendy products.

All Paris cat accessories are there for your pet to have all the comfort they need. Also, so that it accompanies you during your outings, you will find pretty bags so that it is well installed comfortably. And if it has to accompany you on your plane trips, you will find a wide choice of bags approved by the airlines.

Cat store Paris: find your cat accessories at Dog In The City

Is your little cat in need of accessories? Don't worry anymore, you have fallen into good hands! Dog In The City is indeed the reference cat boutique to know to find your happiness. Between accessories and clothes for cats, you will be spoiled for choice to pamper your little animal as it should be. Your Paris cat shop also offers a wide choice of services to pamper your cat. Massages, baths and shampoos are there to satisfy all the desires of your little companion. You will understand, in your cat shop, you will find many Paris cat accessories just waiting to find a nice owner.

In your Paris dog shop, select your suitable dog accessories

Do you feel your dog is stressed or all the time on his guard? It may be time to offer him a little moment of relaxation just for him. Care, treatment and grooming are provided to give your little pet a makeover. This session is totally dedicated to it in order to guarantee absolute relaxation and satisfactory and surprising results. Dog In The City offers personalized services based on your needs and those of your dog. As a Paris dog shop, we make it a point of honor to satisfy both the owner and the animal. Thus, you will find among our many products, clothes and various accessories for dog in order to inevitably find your happiness.

Would you like more information about one of our products? Do not hesitate to go directly to your dog accessories store in Paris! We will welcome you and answer all your questions.

In your dog accessories store in Paris, you will find many products dedicated to the well-being of your animal. Cat or dog (and even the owner!) Will inevitably find happiness there! Whether you are looking for a sofa that is both soft and aesthetic, a modern transport bag or a designer bowl, your dog or cat accessories store will meet all your expectations!

Dog in The City, dog and cat accessories store welcomes you to its shop for more information on its services, products and ambitions! Don't wait any longer, come and find the best accessories for your little companion!