My trip to New York

I don't want to be jaded, I have already traveled a lot, but I never tire of New York. This city is really bewitching, this effervescence, its smells and its little pieces of sausage on the sidewalks, I love it! The people are so nice, they don't stop with their so cute, so tiny, yorkie, but no am not yorkie, am frenchie me madam! Well my english is not perfect but it always seems to be kind words.

Taxi drivers never make derogatory thoughts, and I'm not talking about the police, they are adooorable. So we walked through Soho, Greenwich Village, 5th Avenue, Time Square, and of course Central Park, what's cool after the walk in Central Park is brunch at Sarabeth's, we eat waffles to die for. reversed. I went to school for a bit, at Dog Spa on the 32W 25th my "mother" says it's important to make new friends and I think she thinks it's the best way to perfect my English.

During a walk in Central Park, I met my friend Chelsea a little sticky in her pink stroller but very cool anyway. It's crazy the number of my congeners in strollers that I was able to meet and even cats. Otherwise after a few frantic shopping sessions and yes for that NYC is "The place to be", I was exhausted, although I would have stayed a little more in the arms of the model from Abercrombie, wow, what a handsome kid

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