A little well-being parenthesis

Yesterday was my day, my "mother" decided that a nice little bath would do me good, and why not a Dead Sea mud wrap?

But I didn't ask for anything, ok, that moisturizes the skin and sublimates the hair but I find that I am already quite sublime like that !!

I was quietly taking a nap and voila Sabrina comes to dislodge me.

Oh yes, I haven't told you about Sabrina yet, in fact she's been my groomer since I was little.

I'm not telling you the look I made when at the start of the Dog in The City adventure, I saw her arrive at my place one morning, I mean at home, well again when I was going to be groomed I do not 'had no choice but imagine I find it squarely in my hallway!

Well of course she always takes good care of me, but still knowing that we don't even have time to prepare psychologically to go get groomed, pffff, for me not even to make an appointment, imagine yourself, of course, I am there!

Well, what's cool is that after the effort, there is comfort, good cupcakes and on this point I must specify that Guenola, (she is my second groomer) well she is much more generous for the cakes, I make him the soft eyes in general I have the right to a double ration!

Each time, I even have the right to a new outfit, so yesterday it was a new little red sweatshirt.

I'm not telling you, my wardrobe is full, but I told you, I'm a fashion victim!

IMG_2579 IMG_2587 IMG_2589


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